[非官方MOD]GTA: Underground Snapshot 4.2 GTA地下城 地图合集MOD(最终版已停止更新)

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覆盖安装在GTASA原盘版GTA San Andreas文件夹:




不兼容原版GTASA存档,请备份好原版存档.兼容GTASA CLEO.


https://pan.baidu.com/s/164Y2MHSWMJYdKwnqsziEfg 提取码:gta3


GTA: Underground 4.2

Gta Underground is a mod that combines the universe of the 3D era on the GTA San Andreas engine and adds all the features from the respective games. In this version, you can visit Liberty City (GTA 3), Vice City (GTA VC), Cottonmouth (Manhunt II), Carcer City (Manhunt II), Bullworth (Bully), Mainland Liberty, Dunsfold and Atlantis.

– The long-awaited version 4.2 is officially released. We’ve been working very hard on this update for over half a year, and given that the DMCA situation hasn’t improved, we decided it was best to release this update as a sign of great appreciation to our fanbase and the GTA modding community in general. We are extremely grateful for the support we have received along the way.
“Many of you know that we live in strange times. Modding for the GTA series has come under attack from publisher Rockstar Take Two Interactive. It looks like modding is about to become a thing of the past as many of the big modders leave the community, and the fact is that this is not the first time that Take Two has taken down mods and harassed their creators. UG. We look forward to continuing to bring you exciting new updates!

Update 4.2 (From 08/29/2021);

– Fixed multiplayer checks. Now UG-MP players will not connect to SA-MP clients and vice versa;
– Removed ASI plugin due to bug reports;
– Fixed a bug in the installer, due to which he could not find gta-sa.exe;
– Fixed a bug due to which certain parts of the map lost collision over time;
– Fixed some duplicate collisions for SA-MP models;
– Added update function to UG-MP launcher to update server list;
– Fixed a bug in the UG-MP launcher, due to which the number of players in the review was not always updated;
– Added a page about the launcher;
– Added filter function in UG-MP launcher;
– Added a help button on the UG-MP launcher;
– Added numerous neon and night lights from GTA: VCS;
– Added numerous piers from GTA: VCS;
– Added Benny’s Restaurant from GTA: VCS;
– Added the interior of the Phil Collins stadium from GTA: VCS;
– Added GTA beacon: LCS Portland;
– Added GTA: LCS Dirt track;
– Removed Atlantis from the game files;
– Fixed a crash when saving a game using the camera – this made the save unusable as the game crashed when loading the specified save file;
– Fixed a broken patch for the aircraft creation code, primarily affecting hydras;
– Fixed a random crash that occurred when destroying a helicopter with usable weapons (Hunter, Sea Sparrow, etc.). This issue is most commonly reported during Destruction (Flight School) and Up and Away in Story Mode;
– Fixed a random crash that occurred when destroying an aircraft with usable weapons (Rustler, Hydra, etc.);
– Fixed a crash during the mission “Vertical bird”, due to which you could not complete this mission;

– Reworked the roof of the VCPD lot in Little Havana to include GTA: VCS resources;
– Reworked the roof of the Washington Beach VCPD lot to include GTA: VCS resources;
– Added Cafe Under The Tree store to Little Haiti from GTA: VCS;
– Fixed the appearance of grass on the piers around the Starfish Island;
– Fixed the appearance of grass on rocks near the Ocean Beach lighthouse;
– Fixed the appearance of grass on the sea walls in the northern part of Washington Beach (near the towers / hardware store) to the Malibu club;
– Added custom and VCS-like art around Vice City;
– Fixed the appearance of grass on the coastline of the wall, starting from North Trenton and ending with Kenji’s casino;
– Improved the appearance of the Saint Marks bistro in Liberty City;
– Reimplemented 2dfx for the external LCPD headquarters building;
– Improved 2dfx on Claude’s outer hideout building;
– Sewer plugs on roads in Liberty City now sometimes generate smoke particles;
– Fixed 2dfx in Times Square in Liberty City;

– Fixed possible crash when taking screenshots (whether with Amazing Screenshot, on UG-MP, or with a weapon with a camera);
– The current state of Midway development has been exported to the game and is available for the player to study. This includes:

– A decent part of the northern part of the main financial district (Square);
– LOD for most assets;
– Navigation zones – this means that district names pop up when you enter
– NPC traffic;

– Fixed a bug in the UG-MP launcher, due to which the server ping was not displayed correctly when the launcher was opened for the first time;
– Added DL which allows server developers to use custom server models for their servers;

It is possible to add generic models, time models, ped models and vehicle models. SA-MP, on the other hand, only supports generic models, synchronized models, and ped models.
If server developers want to use their own model IDs, they can still do so. They will need to make sure their IDs do not overlap with other models in UG itself. Servers can maintain an assets.json file, which is used to inform clients which files to upload. Models and TXDs can also be added via IMG archives, which means you can package your files that way. Custom text renders are also supported. You can change the car audio settings for existing vehicles, and add audio lines for vehicles added via DL. Carcols.dat settings and carmods.dat settings can be replaced and added via Carcol DL and Carmod DL. Pedcol.dat settings can also be added and replaced via Pedcol. You can also add paint jobs, provided that you put the file in the IMG archive and you have a template on which to paint. This gives the advantage of using LOD, which you cannot do if you stick with CreateObject. IDs are also dynamically configurable and can be different for each player. IPLs can be loaded with an offset applied to them. A tool is available with the guide to prepare maps with minimal effort. This is mainly an automated process.

– Fixed a bug due to which the weather parameters on the server side were not read correctly on the client when connecting to a server with already configured weather conditions on the server side;
– Fixed recoil on 2T Glock;
– Fixed a bug that caused the VCS M16 to shoot like a Ruger at low skill levels;
– Fixed animation of a pistol with a VCB silencer;
– Updated loading screens for single player;
– Fixed a bug due to which the vehicle class “ignore” was assigned incorrectly when reading IDE files;

– Added Vulture – a four-seater aircraft that can operate both a helicopter and an airplane! replaces Army Hydra;
– Added Viper, a new fighter to replace the FBI hydra;
– Updated Lazer model with new add-on fuel tanks, new headroom, new controls and functionality;
– Added “Baron”, an aircraft version of the RC Baron;
– Added Civique, a new custom lowrider replacement for Carcer Voodoo;
– Added new LCPD Police Maverick using Stories model;
– Added LeBonham – a new muscle car that will appear on Midway;
– Added new Prairie State Canyon with additional paintjobs. It replaces the Midway Prison Canyon;
– Remastered street racer Midway Zion;
– Added a new Midway Patriot with its own unique handling to replace the old one;
– Added a new “Police Truck” (SA FBI truck) with a pistol, openable rear doors and paint system for other cities. Replaces AT Enforcer;

– Added BETA San Andreas FBI Premier and replaced with AT FBI Sentinel;
– Updated Midway Balmoral with a new model and renamed Elwood;
– Added a new UG Police Elwood, which includes 4 additional city skins, it replaces the Beta Vice City police car;
– Updated Midway prison bus with a new model and new paint jobs;
– Updated model Midway Patriot;
– Added Stork – a four-door sedan to replace the Caldwell;
– Added a new redesigned civilian Midway Imperator to completely replace the old V8 Imperator;
– Changed CM Taxi to CC Taxi and redesigned the model, added a paint system for various liveries, added two-tone colors and added settings;
– Added fixed cars BMWSauber San Andreas and integrated with UG. A total of 73 vanilla car fixes (permission was granted by the creator himself);
– LCPD Maverick has been redesigned and renamed to LCPD Escape;
– Made LC News to replace LCN Maverick;
– Made FDLC Rescue Escape to replace MP FDLC Armadillo;
– LC Maverick has been redesigned to replace the old one and renamed to LC Escape;
– Updated the Carcer Rhino model and renamed it to Carcer APC;

– Updated Airtrain model and fixed several issues;
– Updated the Carcer Bus with a new model;
– Improved Bullworth fire truck model, new controls and improved siren lighting;
– Improved model of the Bullworth school bus and received new handling;
– Updated model VCPD Wintergreen with two-tone paint;
– Updated the LC Ambulance model and fixed the missing texture on the rear door;
– Fixed scaling of the Manhunt Tailgater model and fixed several bugs;
– Updated BW Vaquero model, fixed scaling, fixed many other bugs and added customization;
– Updated BW Police model, fixed scaling and fixed some bugs;
– Updated LC Hoods model, fixed scaling, merged with LCS Hoods Rumpo XL, many other bugs and added tuning;
– Updated LC Rumpo model, fixed scaling, merged with LCS Rumpo, many other bugs and added tuning;

– Updated SOL Kutt model and added 2dfx strobe light;
– Updated VC virgo by merging VC and VCS models and adding additional coloring;
– Improved UG Patrol with some details, renamed to vc_polinter and added Vice City authorities liveries for the paint system, added VC lightbar and other details;
– Improved Bullworth YankeeA and Bullworth YankeeB with correct scaling, decreasing file size and adding San Andreas details;
– Improved UG SW trailer;
– Reorganized trailers. Slightly improved and revised models;
– VCPD Cheetah now has a red hazard light instead of blue;
– LC Mule is no longer merged with Mr Wongs van;
– Improved model MH Yankee, improved handling and renamed CC Steed;
– Combined LC (S) and VC (S) Securicar into one (lc_securica), making chrome assets painted black;
– Minor improvement of LC Stanier taillights and renaming it LC Premier;
– Minor improvement of III LCPD Stanier taillights;
– Minor improvement of LCS LCPD Stanier taillights;

– Minor improvement of rear lights of LC FBI cars and change of emergency light model from blue to red;
– Minor improvement of LCS Bickle taxi;
– Improved and scaled VC Maverick with 2dfx addition at night and corrected door sounds;
– Fixed bugs with shadows and collisions, added VCS-based wheels to VCS Cabbie;
– Fixed rear seat dummy position and added 2dfx to LSPD Police Maverick;
– Fixed dummy position in the back seat and added 2dfx to SFPD Police Maverick;
– Fixed the position of the dummy in the back seat and added 2dfx to LVPD Police Maverick;
– Fixed the position of the dummy in the back seat and added 2dfx to the Midway Police Maverick;
– Redesigned VCPD Police Maverick using the Stories model;
– Fixed LOD / VLO VC Stanier, bumpers can now be painted to combine with Manhunt Stanier;
– The Bullworth bike was designed in the style of San Andreas and improved in size;
– VC and VCS Mule have been merged and improved;
– Improved LC Pony;
– Improved LC Panlantic;
– Improved LC Toyz;
– LCS Ballot Van has been improved and received paintwork;

– Reworked the population cycle files for Midway to ensure that all Midway cars are in the correct groups – previously there were only a small number in the files;
– Disabled SilentPatch script fixes as they caused problems in both single and multiplayer games;
– Updated BellyUp processing;
– Updated handling of the Rescuer;
– Removed handling of LC Cabbie, VC Cabbie, Kaufman Cabbie, Borgnine, CM Cabbie and Zebra;
– Removed handling of VC Bloodring Banger A and B;
– Updated handling of the VC ATV;
– Updated handling of the city bus Carcer;
– Fixed Yosemite double rear wheel steering;
– Updated processing of Little Willy;
– Added VCSTANIER line for all VCPD base cars;
– Added LVPREMIER line for all base LVPD vehicles;
– Updated LCRUMPO line for all base LC Rumpo vehicles including Hoods Rumpo XL and Campaign Van;
– Updated VCSVIRGO line for VC (S) Virgo;
– Updated handling of the Cuban Hermes, fixed swinging chassis;
– Updated handling of LC Socialite, fixed swinging chassis;

– Updated BWYANKEE handling;
– Updated GANGBUR handling line, which is less like a sports car;
– Fixed a bug due to which the siren did not light in the LCS police car;
– Fixed a typo for the SA fire truck, due to which the siren lights were displayed in the wrong position;
– Added siren light for Carcer CCPD Van and fixed engine sound;
– Added siren light for CM FBI Car;
– Fixed siren position for LC fire truck;
– Fixed siren position for VC Firetruck;
– Fixed siren position for LCS fire truck;
– Fixed siren position for VCS fire engine;
– Fixed a bug due to which the MPLC Brush Control did not have a working siren and fire hose .;
– Added sirens for MPVC fire ambulance;
– Added sirens for MPLC fire ambulance;
– Added sirens for MPLC fire department;
– Fixed VC Burrito, now it can be configured in TransFender;
– Updated MP Blood Cabbie animation, fixing falling when exiting the car;
VC Bandit;
– Removed: VC Goblin;
– Removed: VC Raider;
– Removed: VC Barracks OL;
– Removed: VCS Boxville;
– Removed: VC Dinghy;
– Removed: VCS Freeway;
– Removed: Hoods Rumpo XL;
– Removed: CM Kuruma;
– Removed: VC Idaho;
– Removed: LC Manana;
– Removed: CC Patriot;
– Removed: LCS Panlantic;
– Removed: LC Perennial;
– Removed: LCS Pony;
– Removed: VCS Pony;
– Removed: LCS Rumpo;
– Removed: VC Securicar;
– Removed: VCS Stinger;
– Removed: LCS Toyz;

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