(nyaa)幸运四叶草/四叶游戏/クロスゲーム/[Yuki] Cross Game (WEB-DL 1080p AC3)[DVD音轨_内挂英文字幕](2009年)

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匹配之前那个版本(magnet:?xt=urn:btih:37be73436d40b8d3e60929937354239f63af0e03)的字幕https://subhd.tv/u/oversleep ,需要另外重命名 https://bbs.vcb-s.com/thread-1658-1-1.html

来源https://nyaa.si/view/1377740 及发布者原文

Video: Netflix (1920×1080, x264, 8-bit, 29.970 fps)

Audio: Japanese 2.0 192kbps AC3 (from DVD)

Subtitles: English (.ass)

Chapters: Yes


Netflix originally had 128kbps EAC3 audio which was replaced by 192kbps AC3 from DVD
Episodes 01-23 – Subtitles from MTBB
Episodes 24-50 – Subtiles from ANBU (restyled to match MTBB). I also copied OP (24-50) and ED2 (24-26) from them. For ED3 (27-39) and ED4 (40-49) I used translation from Central Anime and did the rest myself. Translation seems to be weird but it was the only option available as far as I know. ED5 (50) was present in ANBU which I just repositioned and restyled.
ANBU subs are not perfect but they are definitely watchable. Wait for MTBB for best release.

You can download the attachments from here

I am seeding at slow speed so more seeders would be appreciated.
Contact me on Discord if you need DDL or Seeds.

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天空动漫 » (nyaa)幸运四叶草/四叶游戏/クロスゲーム/[Yuki] Cross Game (WEB-DL 1080p AC3)[DVD音轨_内挂英文字幕](2009年)


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